Lost in Transcription

Market research in healthcare is overdue for a change. When we review the transcripts from patients and healthcare professionals, we are looking at the words, but lacking the clues behind how they were said. Without the tone, rate, inflection, even pauses, we lose too much value in transcription. This new podcast from inVibe Labs explores topics around the hidden insights within the acoustic signals of what we say, how we say it, and the deeper meanings and emotions; all critical clues about people’s decisions and the actions. On each episode our host, Richard Schwartz, is joined by inVibe’s experts on the frontlines of language. Together they will take you on a journey in Deep Listening, exploring topics like physician’s unspoken barriers, emotions’ role in decisions, and the secret languages of patients and caregivers. Life sciences, agency, and consulting leaders are sure to hear something new and inspiring. So, lend us your ears for 10 minutes each week and we’ll give you an understanding of the power of voice research through the real voices of patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.